Thursday, December 23, 2010

Global 2010: Tools to melt the pounds off

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With a master’s degree in nutrition, focused in weight management, I know what you need to do to lose weight: Pay attention to portions. Plan healthy meals and snacks. Write down what you eat. Exercise. Effective, yes. But also booooooring. I’ll admit it. So why not just do the latest diet fad, the one that promises faster weight loss with less effort? Answer: The pounds will come creeping right back. The better solution is to embrace those arguably “tedious” diet rules and make them more fun and inspiring—and with cool, new tools.

Here’s what I mean:

Diet rule #1: Set goals.

Diet rule #2: Plan your meals.

Diet rule #3: Keep track.

Diet rule #4: Keep an eye on size.

Diet rule #5: Move more.

Diet rule #6: Get support.

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