Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Global 2010: Beyonce Is Now and Will Always Be Richer Than You

Taylor SwiftCover of Taylor SwiftExtra! compiled the data from a few of Forbes magazine's lists of 2010's top-earning entertainment players to make their own countdown of who in Hollywood raked in the most money in the past year. The list is led, unsurprisingly, by Oprah with a 12-month total of $315 million. Slightly more surprising is the rundown of musicians who made the Top 20, with their respective rankings and cash intake: Beyoncé (Nine, $87 million), Britney Spears (13, $64 million), Lady Gaga (14, $62 million), Madonna (15, $58 million), Miley Cyrus (18, $48 million), and Taylor Swift (19, $45 million). That's six women, all in their teens or twenties -- save for Madonna, who celebrated her Sweet 16 Plus 36 this past summer -- who record pop music.


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