Saturday, December 25, 2010

Global 2010: 10 First-Date Fumbles

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Last month my friend Paul met an interesting woman, asked her to dinner, and thought it went superbly—until she turned him down for a second date. He couldn’t understand it: Hadn’t she been charmed by his “funny” stories about his ex? Uh-oh, I thought. He was Annoying First Date Guy, but didn’t know it. It happens at coffee houses, bars and restaurants every day—a guy with good intentions blows that crucial first date and has no idea why. Want to get clued in? Here are ten common pitfalls:

1. Going on a rant about a former significant other
2. Divulging too much personal information that’s not flattering
3. Making the date feel like a job interview
4. Having too much attitude
5. Admiring other women
6. Complaining about the venue
7. Arguing with your date
8. Eating your date’s dessert
9. Not walking her to safety at the end of the date
10. Saying “I’ll be in touch” after the date goes badly

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