Friday, March 8, 2013

Global 2013: "Beverly Hills Cop" pilot: Eddie Murphy, Judge Reinhold to reunite

Beverly Hills Cop III
Beverly Hills Cop III (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Billy Rosewood and Axel Foley will get together again.

Judge Reinhold, who played by-the-book detective William "Billy" Rosewood in the "Beverly Hills Cop" movie series, has signed on for a cameo in CBS's "Beverly Hills Cop" pilot, an individual with knowledge of the situation told TheWrap.

Reinhold will reprise the role of Rosewood - who has scored a big promotion from his old job. Murphy, who is serving as a producer, will also appear in the pilot, reprising his Axel Foley role.

CBS has not yet responded to TheWrap's request for comment.

The "Beverly Hills Cop" pilot, which comes from "The Shield" creator Shawn Ryan, is a continuation of the movie franchise, centered around Foley's police officer son (Brandon T. Jackson), who takes down the criminal elements of the rich and famous in Beverly Hills.

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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Global 2013: Erin Andrews Accuses Hotel of Trying to Violate Her Privacy

ESPN reporter Erin Andrews at the 2007 Georgia...
ESPN reporter Erin Andrews at the 2007 Georgia Tech vs. Virginia Tech college football game. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sportscaster Erin Andrews, who is suing Marriott over a stalker secretly filming her through a peephole and posting the nude video online, says the hotel chain is trying to again violate her privacy with a request for her employment and medical records.

In a filing this week in Los Angeles Superior Court, Andrews says Marriott is seeking her payroll records, contracts, performance reviews, any disciplinary reports, as well as other employment information from her current employer, Fox. Andrews was employed by ESPN when she was secretly recorded.

Andrews' attorneys say Marriott is also seeking "physician letters, notes, annual physicals, and other related medical records."

The attorneys are asking a judge to quash the subpoena -- essentially ruling that the request for information is out-of-bounds. The attorneys say the request is an attempt to "harass and embarass" Andrews.

Marriott did not respond to a request for comment from TheWrap.

In her lawsuit against Marriott and the man who recorded her, Michael David Barrett, Andrews contends that Marriott employees gave Barrett the dates Andrews would be at a hotel and a room next to hers. He then recorded her through a peephole.

Barrett pleaded guilty to interstate stalking and was sentenced to 30 months in prison.

Although Andrews initially claimed she had lost earnings and earning capacity because of the recordings, she later dropped those claims. That makes the requests for information about her employment irrelelent, her attorneys said.

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Global 2013: 'Celebrity Wife Swap' makes Coolio's girlfriend realize she could do better

Wife Swap
Wife Swap (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We fully expected craziness from the latest episode of "Celebrity Wife Swap." We didn't expect that one of the "wives" -- Coolio's girlfriend, Mimi -- would swap herself out of Coolio's life six weeks after the show taped.

Not that we didn't see the signs when Mark McGrath, his wife Carin, and their two-year-old twins switched households with Coolio, Mimi (who does eeeeverything around their house), and her three kids. Mimi did have a bit of trouble adjusting to the McGrath household -- Mark, a classic "helicopter dad," catered to the twins' every need and hovered while she dressed the kids.

But over at the Cooliohaus, we saw Carin struggling with the insane demands on Mimi, including scrubbing toilets and floors while Coolio snored away in bed...and when Mimi informed Coolio at the post-swap summit, "Our relationship sucks, it really does," we had to agree with her. Mark might hover, she pointed out, but Mark is there; Mark is around; Mark is involved. More to the point, Mark acknowledged how much Mimi takes on with two jobs, three kids, and no help.

Coolio copped to his selfishness...but too late. A chyron at the end of the episode informed viewers that Mimi had taken the kids and moved out. (And started school, because she's awesome.)

There was more craziness before that, too; below, a rundown of the 10 nuttiest moments (and our pitch to give Mimi her own show).

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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Global News 2013: Jennifer Lawrence’s golden moment becomes Oscar oops

Jennifer Lawrence on the red carpet at the 83r...
Jennifer Lawrence on the red carpet at the 83rd Academy Awards (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maybe Jennifer Lawrence didn't get that sandwich in time.

The actress, who joked on the red carpet that she hadn't eaten all day, wound up tripping on the stairs on her way to accept her Oscar for Best Actress for "Silver Linings Playbook."

But she managed to go on with the show. As she gripped her Oscar she told the crowd standing in support, "You guys are just standing up because you feel bad that I fell and that’s really embarrassing. But thank you."

The down-to-earth actress explained back stage what it was like when she hit the ground. "Was that on purpose? Absolutely! What happened? What do you mean what happened — look at my dress! I tried to walk up stairs in this dress, that's what happened. I tried to walk upstairs and stepped on the fabric. They waxed the stairs. What was going through my mind? A bad word that I can't say that starts with F."

This isn’t the first time the "Hunger Games" star has experienced an awkward moment during this awards season. At the Screen Actors Guild awards, the star caused some buzz when she appeared to have ripped her dress when she stood up.

It was later explained that the Dior gown simply had an odd construction that included sheer layers of tulle.

But with her own silver lining -- in the form of a golden statuette -- we're sure she didn't mind a little stumble.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Global 2013: Affleck wins Oscar

Ben Affleck discusses global poverty
Ben Affleck discusses global poverty (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)

Ben Affleck taking home the Oscar for Best Picture for "Argo" came as no surprise. In fact, the win marks pretty familiar territory for Affleck, who has come full circle back to being an Academy Awards darling after a handful of wrong (and some really wrong) turns in his life and career.

Affleck was first on the Oscar stage 15 years ago, when he and Matt Damon won the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for "Good Will Hunting." Affleck was 25 at the time, already with a few decent film credits under his, and filled with a certain youthful exuberance.

Or, some might say, cockiness.

"There's no way we're doing this in less than 20 seconds," said Affleck after he and Damon were handed their statuettes by Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. Affleck then proceeded to frantically thank everyone involved with the film, as well as his and Damon's respective mothers and even "Cuba Gooding Jr. for showing us how to do an acceptance speech."

Affleck's excitement was perceived by many as too brash -- he barely let Damon get a word in edgewise. While it jumpstarted a lucrative acting career ("Armageddon," "Pearl Harbor," and "Daredevil"), Affleck soon found himself fronting reviled disasters like "Gigli" and "Jersey Girl" … and caught in a whirlwind tabloid romance with Jennifer Lopez that all but destroyed his credibility and made him a punchline.

He and Lopez didn't last. They called it quits just before they were scheduled to wed in 2004.

And then, after quietly marrying "Daredevil" costar Jennifer Garner the following year, Affleck's career took a major turn.

He reinvented himself as a director, making his debut behind the camera with the critically hailed Boston-set crime drama "Gone Baby Gone" (2007), which scored a Best Supporting Actress nomination for Amy Ryan. After his well-received turn as a morally compromised congressman opposite Russell Crowe in "State of Play" (2009), Affleck starred in and directed 2010's "The Town", a Beantown-based bank heist thriller. The film was a hit with both audiences and critics, earning an Oscar nod for Jeremy Renner.

Which brings us to tonight as "Argo." Snubbed in the Best Director race, Affleck found himself on the Oscar stage delivering his first acceptance speech in 15 years as a co-producer of the Best Picture winner.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Global News 2013: Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren hang together with the kids

English: Swedish model Elin Nordegren, fiancee...
English: Swedish model Elin Nordegren, fiancee of American golfer Tiger Woods, touring the USS George Washington (CVN 73) in the Persian Gulf. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Just when you thought the biggest shocker of the week for Tiger Woods would be getting bounced in the first round of the Accenture Match Play, these photos appear of him hanging with his ex-wife Elin Nordegren.

TMZ landed multiple pictures of Tiger hanging with Elin at what appears to be a youth sporting event in Jupiter, Florida on Sunday. As you all know, Tiger and Elin had a rather messy separation at the end of 2009 following news that Woods had multiple relationships outside his arrangement with the former Swedish model.

The two showed up at different times, but according to the TMZ report, left together after people started to recognize who they were.

This is obviously going to drum up rumors for just about everyone, but the bottom line is when you have two kids together there are going to be times when you have to go do things as a family. Woods and Nordegren haven't been photographed together in over three years, and while I'm sure people will blow this out of proportion, it looks like simply a family outing for all involved.

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Monday, February 25, 2013

Global News 2013: Christina Applegate Marries Martyn LeNoble

English: Christina Applegate at the 60th Annua...
English: Christina Applegate at the 60th Annual Emmy Awards, Nokia Theater, Sept. 21, 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Christina Applegate is officially married with children … actually, just one child in her case.

The former “Up all Night” actress tied the knot with her musician beau of four years, Martyn LeNoble, "surrounded by family in a private ceremony at their home in Los Angeles" on Saturday, omg! has confirmed with Applegate's rep. The couple are parents to daughter Sadie Grace, who turned 2 in January.

The day before the two announced their happy news, LeNoble dropped a major hint when he tweeted, "What a glorious day!"

According to People magazine, Applegate’s dress was designed by Maria Lucia Hohan and both the bride and her Dutch-born groom’s rings were designed by Neil Lane.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Global 2013: 2013 All-Star warm-up jackets have patches showcasing players’ career accomplishments

Profile of Kobe Bryant, basketball player of t...
Profile of Kobe Bryant, basketball player of the LA Lakers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan and the rest of the participants in Sunday night's 2013 NBA All-Star Game come out of the locker room to take the court at the Toyota Center, you'll be able to see exactly how much they've been able to achieve in the league, not just based on the level of their play, but also by patches displaying and recounting their career highlights on their black-and-white warm-up jackets.

The NBA and Adidas described the idea of celebrating each individual All-Star's C.V. when they unveiled this year's All-Star jerseys last month, but they didn't reveal what the customization would look like. And given the look of the jerseys themselves — which The Basketball Jones' Trey Kerby described as a "wacky" uniform combining "every design feature you can imagine" into a finished product that "came out looking like a default create-a-team uniform from 'NBA Live 2001'" — that mystery presented some cause for concern. But if the patches on the warm-up jackets of the Miami Heat's James, the Los Angeles Lakers' Bryant and the San Antonio Spurs' Duncan (which you can see after the jump) are any indication, the resulting graphical representation of each players' accomplishments actually came out pretty cool.

As the NBA and Adidas detailed in their initial release, the jackets "represent individual career accomplishments such as NBA All-Star Game appearances and All-Star MVP awards, NBA titles, in addition to season awards including MVP, Rookie of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year and Scoring Championships." While the jerseys were reportedly inspired by Houston's aeronautical history, the jackets seem to have been inspired by the awards and decorations on military dress uniforms.

This, of course, lends itself more to veteran player with a lengthy career full of achievements, like Bryant's five NBA titles, James' three league MVPs and Duncan's 14 All-Star selections than to younger players and first-time All-Stars whose bodies of work might not be quite so impressive yet. In a way, though, that's good — it reminds you of why we spend more time talking about and celebrating those guys. Maybe it'll even offer some of those first-timers a reminder of the legendary levels to which they're aspiring, and the kind of consistent excellence that will be required to get there.

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Global 2013: 'Die Hard' Rebounds With $25M

Cover of "Die Hard [Blu-ray]"
Cover of Die Hard [Blu-ray]

As iconic action hero John McClane of the Die Hard franchise would say -- yippe-ki-yay.

After a touch-and-go start, Bruce Willis starrer A Good Day to Die Hard has pulled ahead of rivals Safe Haven and holdover Identity Thief to narrowly win Presidents Day weekend with a three-day gross of $25 million. The 20th Century Fox pic is now projected to earn $30 million for the full holiday weekend, pushing its five-day debut to $38.3 million (both Die Hard and Safe Haven opened on Valentine's Day).

Melissa McCarthy-Jason Bateman's R-rated comedy Identity Thief has plenty of reason to laugh in its second weekend. Declining a narrow 33 percent, the Universal pic came in No. 2 for the weekend with $23.4 million. Its projected Friday-Monday gross is $27.7 million for a domestic haul of $75 million through Monday.

Relativity Media's Nicholas Sparks film adaptation Safe Haven remains a big winner as well, even at No. 3. Fueled by younger females, the romantic drama grossed $21.4 million for the three day weekend, and should earn $25 million for the four days.

Pairing Julianne Hough and Josh Duhamel, Safe Haven wasn't expected to open much past $25 million; now, it should finish Monday with $34 million in the bank. Safe Haven narrowly won Valentine's Day and tied with Die Hard on Friday.

Die Hard had been widely expected to amass a five day gross in the $40 million to $45 million range. Dismal reviews likely are hurting the R-rated film since the franchise's fan base is older and more influenced by a critic's opinion. Those who are turning out gave the film a B+ CinemaScore.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Global 2013: Tiger Woods apparently loaned Lindsey Vonn his plane

English: Lindsey Vonn after winning the Downhi...
English: Lindsey Vonn after winning the Downhill World Cup title (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Man, it's tough being a global celebrity. You do a friend a favor by sending them a plane, as friends do, and all of a sudden the press is all over it, making a big deal. Can't a multimillionaire get a little peace?

By now you've probably heard that Tiger Woods allegedly sent his plane to help Lindsey Vonn get home following her injury during the world championships in Austria. TMZ snapped Vonn boarding the plane, and other outlets, including the Swiss tabloid-eseque newspaper Blick (as cited by Ski Racing Magazine) also reported that the plane was Woods'. While planes are indeed trackable and identifiable by their tail numbers, Woods' plane is private and therefore does not register its travels, and as you can see above, there's no plane number visible in that photo.

Woods and Vonn have been the subject of plenty of rumors; Woods' story you know, and Vonn finalized her divorce in January. So there you go. However, Woods has made no public statement on the matter, and Vonn actually released a statement trying to shut down the rumors:

"Lindsey is currently in the midst of the World Cup season in Europe," the statement read. "Her focus is solely on competing and on defending her titles and thus she will not participate in any speculation surrounding her personal life at this time.";_ylt=Al23rJYlgHsVECTzszRpspoogsUF;_ylu=X3oDMTQyb2YzMDluBG1pdANGRUFUVVJFRCBNZWdhdHJvbiBHT0xGIEZQBHBrZwMwOGIyNmY1YS0xOTA4LTM2ZTktODMzZS0wYTkxYTc5MTE5NDkEcG9zAzIEc2VjA21lZ2F0cm9uBHZlcgMyMDY3OTYyMS03M2M0LTExZTItOWFiZi1iNDkxOGEzYjM1ZDA-;_ylg=X3oDMTFpZjcwa3Y4BGludGwDdXMEbGFuZwNlbi11cwRwc3RhaWQDBHBzdGNhdANnb2xmBHB0A3NlY3Rpb25z;_ylv=3

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Global 2013: Earth Safe from Asteroid's Close Flyby Next Week

English: The NASA insignia. Español: Insignia ...
English: The NASA insignia. Español: Insignia de la NASA. Italiano: Logo della NASA. Русский: Логотип НАСА. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An asteroid will give Earth a historically close shave next week, but there's no chance that the space rock will slam into our planet on this pass, experts say.

The 150-foot-wide (45 meters) asteroid 2012 DA14 will zoom within 17,200 miles (27,700 kilometers) of our planet on Feb. 15, coming nearer than the ring of satellites in geosynchronous orbit. While the flyby will be the closest ever known in advance for such a large asteroid, there's no reason to retreat to the doomsday bunker.

"NASA's Near-Earth Object Program Office can accurately predict the asteroid's path with the observations obtained, and it is therefore known that there is no chance that the asteroid might be on a collision course with Earth," officials at the space agency's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., wrote in a statement Friday (Feb. 1).

"Nevertheless, the flyby will provide a unique opportunity for researchers to study a near-Earth object up close," the statement added. [Asteroid 2012 DA14's Feb. 15 Flyby: Fact vs. Fiction (Video)]

NASA will hold a press conference at 2 p.m. EST (1900 GMT) this Thursday (Feb. 7) to discuss the space rock's close flyby.

2012 DA 14 was discovered in February of last year by astronomers with the La Sagra Sky Survey in Spain. The near-Earth asteroid has recently been zipping around the sun once every 368 days, though next week's close pass will reduce its orbital period to 317 days, researchers said.

At its closest approach on Feb. 15, the space rock will be just 1/13th as far from Earth as the moon is. 2012 DA 14 will whiz by our planet quickly, zipping through space at about 17,400 mph (28,000 kph) as it makes its closest pass for at least the next 30 years.

The asteroid will present an intriguing target for skywatchers, becoming visible as a point of light through binoculars and small telescopes during the close encounter. The best observing will be from Eastern Europe, Asia and Australia, NASA officials said. (2012 DA 14 will have faded considerably by the time Earth's rotation brings the object into view for folks in the continental United States.)

Researchers at NASA and other institutions plan to take advantage of the flyby to learn more about 2012 DA14 and its orbit.

"Radar astronomers plan to take images of the asteroid about eight hours after closest approach using the Goldstone antenna in California's Mojave Desert, which is part of NASA's Deep Space Network," space agency officials wrote in Friday's statement.

Several other known asteroids have given Earth an even closer shave than 2012 DA14 will, but those objects were all smaller. Asteroids of 2012 DA14's size probably make such close flybys once every 40 years and actually hit Earth every 1,200 years or so, researchers said.

Of course, other relatively large asteroids have probably zipped very close to Earth recently without being spotted. Astronomers have identified more than 9,000 near-Earth asteroids to date, but perhaps a million or more such space rocks are thought to exist.

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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Global 2013: Nonito Donaire May Not Face Rigondeaux

Guillermo Rigondeaux after the win vs. Rico Ra...
Guillermo Rigondeaux after the win vs. Rico Ramos 20JAN2012 Las Vegas - Palms Casino (Photo credit: stoyanvassev_)

Would it be unfair to suggest that "Filipino Flash," Nonito Donaire and his team are playing a high-stakes game of "Duck, Duck, Goose?" Or, in this case, "Duck, Duck, Darchinyan?"

Maybe it wouldn't be right to categorize the 2012 Fighter of the Year in that way, but appearance is a big thing in boxing. It's especially big among the fans, who only get to see the tip of the iceberg when it comes to contractual dealings and other behind the scenes issues.

When Abner Mares and Golden Boy Promotions walked away empty handed after trying to goad Top Rank and Nonito Donaire into a junior featherweight unification bout, there was, apparently, a silver lining to the storm cloud.

Team Donaire couldn't be coaxed into facing Mares for $3 million, but only because Donaire was already committed to a bout with the other junior featherweight titlist, Guillermo Rigondeaux. Right? That's what Top Rank bossman Bob Arum said, anyway. That's what the media reports indicated.

Now, as Mares has officially decided to move up to featherweight and the Donaire-Mares bout is forever left to message board debate, it appears as though the Rigondeaux fight is on shaky ground.

According to reports, the two-time Olympic gold medalist and current WBA junior featherweight champ is pressuring Top Rank to settle their ongoing lawsuit with his previous promoter, Caribe Promotions, before officially moving ahead with any future fight plans.

Nobody on the outside quite knows why Rigondeaux is insistent on settling old scores before moving ahead, but it may have to do with the chaos and distraction prior to trying to put together his last fight. Last September's bout with Robert Marroquin was on-again, off-again several times due to threatened legal action from Caribe Promotions and officially confirmed less than two weeks before the actual date. It's fair to want a distraction-free environment prior to a legacy-defining bout with Donaire.

Arum, however, feels that Rigondeaux is somehow being manipulated by his former promoter.

"It's craziness. If he don't straighten out, we'll go to [Vic] Darchinyan," Arum told "[Caribe] is trying to use the kid to put muscle on us to settle a lawsuit that we feel has no value. We offered him the fight. We've offered him a lot of money for the fight. If he doesn't take it, we'll move on to the next guy. He has to understand that he is very much the B-side."

The question in this whole matter is: Did Rigondeaux suddenly get this idea that Arum and Caribe should settle their lawsuit or has this been a point of concern for awhile? Nobody other than the actual participants knows the truth and timing of this, but if this has been an ongoing issue, then Arum knew all along that closing a deal for a fight with the Cuban was going to lead to a dead end.

In turn, that would mean that the underlying reason for passing on Abner Mares was pure fabrication. Rigondeaux, who just shook up his team with a change in trainers, might never have been on board. Darchinyan, quite possibly, was the plan all along.

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Friday, February 8, 2013

Manila 2013: Karylle’s V-Day Plans

Audrey Hepburn
Cover of Audrey Hepburn

Karylle is definitely not your typical girl. She’s not into fashion and she never plans for Valentine’s unlike most girls. Her anything-goes style and gungho attitude are charming. She’s one of those celebrities that prove to be the epitome of “real”.

Describe your style.

I always say I have no style. It’s one of my resolutions or goals for 2013 kase I always make a vision board. I used to say that I have no style so I’m trying to be more interested in fashion but generally I’m very clueless that’s why I have a bunch of stylists. For Showtime, I have three stylists. They’re all bloggers: Keigh Jalbuena, Pax, and Ava. I have a different stylist for ASAP, si Sidney Yap. He’s like a teddy bear. I love him. I really generally need a lot of help because I don’t like shopping. And whenever I shop, I always buy those statement shirts. Of course, when I look at my closet, I’m like “What did I buy?” Kase diba hindi siya investment pieces.

But is there a preference in styling that you like?

The style that I like is what Vice Ganda calls “peg mo nanaman si Michelle Obama.” Very classy, naka skirt. I really also like vintage pieces. I like hats also. I really try to invest in them. I’ve gotten hats from London, yung talagang sa vintage store. I got one recently from Paris. Feeling ko kase here ang weird ko pag suot ko siya kase hindi siya talaga ganun ka common. But when I’m abroad, I wear it. My hair is curly and unruly except with a hat to keep it together. So that’s really my style. I wear a lot of ballet flats, too. Very girly but I try to make it a little not too girly. I balance it out by wearing a leather jacket for example—which is the only jacket I have.

So you’re more of a shoe girl than a bag girl?

I try to be kind to my legs because I’m always in heels for work so I have a lot of nice flats in my closet. I have my favorite traveling back pack. It’s Fatigue pero floral. It’s my favorite kase yung strap niya may lalagyan ng phone. I don’t have expensive bags. I used to have a bag that says “I left my LV at home.” When I was in Singapore, my dad asked me “Can you buy me please a Tumi bag” and I was like “Dad, it’s so expensive.” And my dad never asks me for anything so I figured I’ll treat him to a bag. And then when I got home, I said “Dad here’s your bag.” And he was like “Ah you can borrow it first.” And I had a trip so I used the bag. And when I got home from that trip I said “Here’s your bag.” And he was like “Ah, just keep it first.” And I figured he just wanted me to get rid of my ugly bag. He had to trick me into buying a bag!

Are you afraid of aging?

No naman. I look at people like Margie Moran who have aged so gracefully and so beautifully. I always look at photos of Audrey Hepburn in my Instagram. There are shots of her when she was young and there are also shots of her when she was old and she looked beautiful. Parang I just try to look at people who have aged gracefully and they look happy. Like Meryl Streep looks happy. And Bette Midler. Like Maricel Laxa! She’s my new peg in life. She just had a new baby and she looks better than ever. And she has abs. She has a healthy, active, happy lifestyle. So when I see people like that, I think it’s fine. I don’t even know how old she is but she looks younger than ever. People say the sun is bad for you and running is bad for you but look at Maricel Laxa. As long as you’re happy and you are able to find that perfect mix and balance in your life.

What are your plans for Valentine’s?

I just don’t really plan. Siguro kase before people would always ask me about Valentine’s but I don’t think of it much as a big holiday because I don’t like the pressure. It messes up Valentine’s. People are always asking me what my plans are and it becomes a reason to fight because your expectations are so high. I don’t know what people are expecting it to be like. Like a movie? But I think the best times are when you are just having a chill moment and then you find it to be something like a movie. You just have to catch it. Sometimes it just kind of happens and everything is perfectly there but you have to look around and be aware. You can’t really plan it.

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Global 2013: Sex-Drive Killers

Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women'...
Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women's Sexual Fantasies (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sex-Drive Killer: Unresolved Issues
Unresolved relationship problems are one of the most common killers of sex drive. For women in particular, emotional closeness is a major ingredient in sexual desire. Simmering arguments, poor communication, betrayal of trust, and other barriers to intimacy can steer your sex drive off the road.

Sex-Drive Killer: Alcohol
A drink or two doesn't always put you in the mood. Alcohol famously makes you feel less inhibited about sex.

Sex-Drive Killer: Too Little Sleep
If your sexual get-up-and-go is gone, maybe you're getting up too early or getting to bed too late. Or maybe you have insomnia or sleep apnea.

Sex-Drive Killer: Parenting
Parenting itself doesn't kill sex drive. But it can be hard to find time to be intimate when the kids are under foot. Hire a baby sitter for some time to nurture your relationship.

Sex-Drive Killer: Medication
Drugs commonly linked to libido loss include:
Blood pressure medications
Oral contraceptives (some studies show a link; others don't)
Anti-HIV drugs
Synthetic progesterone-medroxyprogesterone

Sex Drive Killer: Poor Body Image
It's hard to feel sexy if your self-esteem suffers from poor body image. For example, feeling ashamed of being too heavy (even if you're not) will douse your love light. If your partner has these feelings, it can really help to reassure him or her that you still find him/her sexy. And there's a flip side to the equation: Working out not only enhances your self-esteem, but also ups your sex ...

Sex-Drive Killer: Obesity
Being overweight or obese is linked to a lack of sexual enjoyment, desire, and difficulties with sexual performance.

Sex-Drive Killer: Erectile Dysfunction
Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a different kind of sexual disorder than loss of libido (a medical term for loss of sex drive).
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