Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Manila 2011: 5 Signs He's Not Really Into You

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There's a guy you totally fancy and whom you've been seeing for sometime. Yet there's something about him you can't put your finger on: He's kinda too busy with work, a tad too passive about your relationship, and not acting as besotted as he should be.

Or maybe he really isn't. It's a bitter pill to swallow, but better to know if he's wasting your time sooner rather than later. Here are five red flags that could confirm your doubts.

1. He's not trying to see you
Either he's the busiest guy on the planet or his sorry-I-got-to-work-on-weekends excuse is just that -- an excuse. How do you know for sure? Does he find time for his mates yet somehow not have time to meet up with you or talk on the phone? If the answer is yes, something is amiss. When it's always you who's doing the running, it's a clear indication that he's not all that committed to the relationship. "If a guy is into you, he will find time to make a call and catch up," says Lexi Proud, who is a dating expert for Arrange Me a Date.

2. You've not met his friends
It's not a good sign if he hasn't introduced you to his friends and family, especially after you have dated for some time. Just how long is too long to wait? Proud suggests asking questions if you've not met any of his friends by the three-month mark and if you've not met his family by six months. "If a guy is into you, generally they want you to meet their friends. After all, they should be proud to have you on their arm!"

3. He only sees you for sex
This is so painfully obvious that it's going to sound blunt. If this guy is only meeting up with you for a hook-up, he's only into your body, not you as a person. Get out, pronto.

4. He often lets you down
Does he frequently cancel plans you've made together because "something else" has cropped up? Be wary, especially if there's no reason for it, and if it's happening on a persistent basis -- it's a sure sign your relationship just isn't up there on his list of priorities.

5. He leaves you in doubt
Here's the simple universal truth about men: If a guy wants you, you'll know it. He won't leave you wondering about his behavior -- he'll call you, he'll ask you out, he'll want to be with you whenever he can. If all you get are lukewarm reactions from the guy, he's just not that into you. Period.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Global 2011: How to Out-Smart the Outlets

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In reality, outlet malls promise something—high quality for a low price—that is very hard to deliver. The next time you’re tempted to swing through an outlet mall, consider these savvy shopping tips.

Look at apparel tags. Irregular or imperfect merchandise usually carry tags that are sliced, marked on, or otherwise altered to indicate that it’s not fit for retail sale, whereas knockoffs usually carry different tags altogether. At Gap Outlets, the tags are white with blue lettering, the reverse of the retail tags. At Banana Republic Factory Stores, the tags have three small diamonds indicating they’re not retail quality. Get familiar with real retail tags, so you can spot the impostors at outlet stores.

Know what an item is really worth. How can you know whether you’re getting a great deal at the Samsonite outlet if you don’t know the real retail price of a suitcase? Comparison shop for large purchases; don’t rely on the reference price quoted by the store.

Think seasonally. It’s a good bet that any in-season merchandise is from an outlet-only line. Real retail overruns don’t arrive in outlet stores until after the season has passed.

Remember that fewer stores = better quality. If you’re shopping at a store that has posts in every outlet mall in the country, you’re almost guaranteed to be getting outlet-quality merchandise. At an outlet with only a few locations, the merchandise is more likely to be true overruns, discontinued items, and last-season’s line because the company doesn’t have to fill hundreds of stores.

Shop the sales. Outlet stores have sales at the same times that normal retail stores do, and customers can often get even better discounts at these times. But sales at retail stores can offer savings just as valuable as regular outlet prices.

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Manila 2011: 6 Facebook Relationship Etiquette Do's & Don'ts

Profile shown on Thefacebook in 2005Image via WikipediaWhen we're blissfully in love, it's tempting to let our friends and family in on the happy news via Facebook or Twitter. But just like in the real world, social networks have their own set of relationship etiquette and not everything about your love life should be published for the whole world to see.

It boils down to knowing what's socially acceptable to post on your Wall. Lisa Daily, dating coach and author of the bestselling book Stop Getting Dumped, offers advice on how to use Facebook responsibly around relationships. Don't be guilty of these -- or you could find yourself being unfriended or unfollowed.

  • Do post appropriate couple photos
  • Do keep your lovey-dovey messages private
  • Don't update your relationship status too early
  • Don't pretend to be single if you're not
  • Don't be too showy
  • Don't post snide comments about exes

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Global 2011: Missing iPhone prototype

Image representing iPhone as depicted in Crunc...Image via CrunchBase
San Francisco police have assisted Apple in the search for a prototype of the latest iPhone that went astray in a bar in a repeat of an embarrassing loss that took place last year.

An Apple employee lost a yet-to-be-released iPhone 5 in a tequila bar in San Francisco's Mission District in July, technology news site CNET reported this week.

After the device was electronically tracked using GPS technology to a San Francisco house, four police officers and two Apple employees visited the home, the San Francisco police said in a statement distributed to news outlets.

"Apple employees called Mission police station directly, wanting assistance in tracking down a lost item," the press release said.

"The two Apple employees met with the resident and then went into the house to look for the lost item," it said. "The Apple employees did not find the lost item and left the house."

The statement did not identify the item being searched for but the title of the document carried a tantalizing hint: iPhone5.doc.

A resident of the home, Sergio Calderon, 22, told SF Weekly that he has visited the bar where the phone was reportedly lost but he did not have the device. He said the search of his house took place in July.

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Friday, September 2, 2011

Global 2011: 5 Products I Gladly Pay More For

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Being frugal isn't always sensible, at least not when you are spending extra money to replace the "bargain" item that doesn't work. I've found, in many instances, that it's counterproductive to buy the cheapest products, whether they're food, electronics, or clothing.

I am usually the queen of frugality. I make my own window solution with vinegar and water, re-use plastic baggies, and clip coupons. I still wear a classic wool skirt I bought in 1988 because intelligent purchases, I find, stand the test of time.

Here are the five purchases I am not afraid to spend more on, and how much I save by choosing quality and/or brand over price.

  1. Designer pocketbooks or wallets
  2. Health food and drinks
  3. Quality shoes
  4. Computers and cellular phones
  5. Kitchen appliances and tools

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