Sunday, July 31, 2011

Global 2011: Cheers to screams as jet from NY crashes in Guyana

JFK Terminal 4, New York – one of JFK's better...Image via Wikipedia
Flight 523 from New York had just touched down and passengers were applauding the pilot's landing in the South American country Saturday when something suddenly went wrong.

The Boeing 737-800 slid off the end of a rainy runway, crashed through a chain-link fence and broke in half just short of a deep ravine. Yet all 163 people on board survived.

Officials were starting to probe the cause of the crash even as they marveled at the lack of fatalities.

"We must be the luckiest country and luckiest set of people in the world to escape so lightly," said Health Minister Leslie Ramsammy, who said more than 30 people were taken to the hospital. Only three of those had to be admitted for a broken leg, bumps, cuts and bruises.

The Caribbean Airlines plane had left John F. Kennedy International Airport Friday evening and made a stop in Trinidad before landing in Guyana. The airline said it was carrying 157 passengers and six crew members.

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Friday, July 29, 2011

Global 2011: Apple has more cash than the federal government

Steve Jobs while introducing the iPad in San F...Image via Wikipedia
As the BBC has reported, the software company Apple has more cash on hand than the United States federal government, according to the company's financial records.

Apple's quarterly financial report shows that the company responsible for the iPad, iPod and the iPhone now has $76.4 billion in reserve cash, while the Treasury Department is sitting on just $73.7 billion.

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Global 2011: 8 Taylor Swift vs. Blake Lively

Blake Lively. - CW Upfront...Image via Wikipedia
Here we go again, fashionistas! Country music singer Taylor Swift -- known for her pretty, girly garb -- and "Gossip Girl" actress Blake Lively -- who happens to be the current muse of Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld -- were both spotted wearing the same Tibi floral-print frock in slightly different shades this summer in NYC. The only question is ... who wore it better?

Taylor, 21, donned the dress in teal -- one of the season's trendiest colors -- while appearing at a New York radio station. The "Back to December" songstress completed her look with bow-adorned neutral shoes and a skinny metallic belt.

Meanwhile, Blake, 23, sported a cornflower blue version of the frock. Leonardo DiCaprio's reported leading lady accessorized with funky Charlotte Olympia leopard-print pumps and a green handbag as she promoted her movie "The Green Lantern" on "Today."

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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Global 2011: 6 Health Secrets from Around the Globe

Van Houten Cocoa PowderImage via Wikipedia
From the Japanese to the Russians, the Greeks to the Kuna Indians of Panama, every culture has its own secrets to better health and longer life. These traditional remedies and practices—like drinking a calming herbal tea or cooking with a particular spice—might seem inconsequential, but researchers are discovering that these little things can make a world of difference. Try importing these six habits, all worth bringing home.

  • For a heart-healthy beverage, stir a touch of honey and a tablespoon of pure cocoa powder (flavonoids are often removed from processed powders) into a cup of warm milk.
  • Try to chew your food 20 times before you swallow. Slowing the pace of your eating makes it easier to recognize that 80 percent full feeling. 
  • Pick up the root at a natural foods store and use it to brew a cup of tea whenever you need to de-stress.
  • Cycle to work a few times a week, run errands on your bike, or just go for a joy ride. We know that 30 minutes of this kind of moderate physical activity at least three times a week can slash your risk of heart disease, diabetes, and some cancers.
  • Incorporate more vegetable and chicken curry dishes into your diet—at least one a week. And go heavy on the turmeric.
  • If your work schedule doesn't allow you to pencil in a snooze, nap on weekends—every little bit helps.;_ylt=ApPEfgoBqF9PraDt8DwYLMlrbqU5

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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Global 2011: 10 ways to keep cool at home without A/C

Aparelho de ar condicionadoImage via Wikipedia
Save energy this summer. It’s easy to keep your house cool without air conditioning. Employing a few basic environmentally friendly principals will help keep you cool and will help you save money.

1. Hot Air Out, Cool Air In
2. Windows
3. Be a Fan of the Fan
4. Turn Your Fan Into an Air Conditioner
5. What’s Hot in Your Home?
6. Electronics Are Hot, Too
7. Light Bulbs
8. Humidity
9. Insulate Your Attic
10. Landscaping

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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Global 2011: How Young Is Too Young For Birth Control?

Photograph of a half-used blister pack of Levl...Image via Wikipedia
Apparently, more and more teen girls are popping pills -- birth control pills, that is.

A Thomson Reuters study released this past March reported that 18 percent of girls ages 13 to 18 were on some form of oral contraceptive in 2009. These figures represent a 50 percent increase in birth control prescriptions since 2002 -- a mere seven years earlier.;_ylt=Aig.rvUh5EIKIXtZmhFIMA1qbqU5

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Monday, July 18, 2011

Global 2011: Men’s grooming habits that turn women off

FingernailsImage via Wikipedia
See the top ten offenses below.

1. Long, dirty toe nails.
2. Hair where it shouldn't be.
3. Mouth madness.
4. Unattractive smells.
5. Eyebrow issues.
6. Too much cologne.
7. Too much waxing.
8. Dry, cracked heels.
9. Hair that never moves.
10. Letting your blackheads live on.

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