Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Global 2013: 'Celebrity Wife Swap' makes Coolio's girlfriend realize she could do better

Wife Swap
Wife Swap (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We fully expected craziness from the latest episode of "Celebrity Wife Swap." We didn't expect that one of the "wives" -- Coolio's girlfriend, Mimi -- would swap herself out of Coolio's life six weeks after the show taped.

Not that we didn't see the signs when Mark McGrath, his wife Carin, and their two-year-old twins switched households with Coolio, Mimi (who does eeeeverything around their house), and her three kids. Mimi did have a bit of trouble adjusting to the McGrath household -- Mark, a classic "helicopter dad," catered to the twins' every need and hovered while she dressed the kids.

But over at the Cooliohaus, we saw Carin struggling with the insane demands on Mimi, including scrubbing toilets and floors while Coolio snored away in bed...and when Mimi informed Coolio at the post-swap summit, "Our relationship sucks, it really does," we had to agree with her. Mark might hover, she pointed out, but Mark is there; Mark is around; Mark is involved. More to the point, Mark acknowledged how much Mimi takes on with two jobs, three kids, and no help.

Coolio copped to his selfishness...but too late. A chyron at the end of the episode informed viewers that Mimi had taken the kids and moved out. (And started school, because she's awesome.)

There was more craziness before that, too; below, a rundown of the 10 nuttiest moments (and our pitch to give Mimi her own show).

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