Thursday, March 7, 2013

Global 2013: Erin Andrews Accuses Hotel of Trying to Violate Her Privacy

ESPN reporter Erin Andrews at the 2007 Georgia...
ESPN reporter Erin Andrews at the 2007 Georgia Tech vs. Virginia Tech college football game. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sportscaster Erin Andrews, who is suing Marriott over a stalker secretly filming her through a peephole and posting the nude video online, says the hotel chain is trying to again violate her privacy with a request for her employment and medical records.

In a filing this week in Los Angeles Superior Court, Andrews says Marriott is seeking her payroll records, contracts, performance reviews, any disciplinary reports, as well as other employment information from her current employer, Fox. Andrews was employed by ESPN when she was secretly recorded.

Andrews' attorneys say Marriott is also seeking "physician letters, notes, annual physicals, and other related medical records."

The attorneys are asking a judge to quash the subpoena -- essentially ruling that the request for information is out-of-bounds. The attorneys say the request is an attempt to "harass and embarass" Andrews.

Marriott did not respond to a request for comment from TheWrap.

In her lawsuit against Marriott and the man who recorded her, Michael David Barrett, Andrews contends that Marriott employees gave Barrett the dates Andrews would be at a hotel and a room next to hers. He then recorded her through a peephole.

Barrett pleaded guilty to interstate stalking and was sentenced to 30 months in prison.

Although Andrews initially claimed she had lost earnings and earning capacity because of the recordings, she later dropped those claims. That makes the requests for information about her employment irrelelent, her attorneys said.

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