Thursday, December 23, 2010

Global 2010: 10 Resolutions You Should Never Make

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Have you ever swore to lose 15 pounds, quit dating unavailable men, and take up a new hobby? This year, we advise against it.

1. Get Married by the End of the Year

2. Fit Into Your High School Jeans

3. Go Blonde (Or dye your hair the opposite color it is now)

4. Become famous Get-famous-fast options usually involve sacrificing your dignity and privacy. Forget the Jersey Shore, honing your talents and polishing your work performance will get you much further, and winning the respect of those you admire is more satisfying and graceful.

5. Buy a New Wardrobe

6. Stop Using Facebook

7. Cut Out Sugars and Starches – Completely

8. Win Back Your Ex

9. Start a Blog

10. Try to Change Him

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