Thursday, December 23, 2010

Global 2010: Idaho State player's foul shot gets stuck on front rim

Gawrzydek's first foul shot bounces high off the back rim, deadens on the front rim and remains stationary there for almost two seconds before finally falling through the hoop to the disbelief of everyone in attendance. It hung on the front rim long enough that a Utah State player underneath the hoop actually had time to wave his arms in an effort to generate a strong enough breeze to blow the ball out of the cylinder.

"There's absolutely no reason the ball couldn't actually do that if all the conditions were right because you have two round surfaces," Fontanella said. "As long as the middle of the ball is directly above the middle of the rim, theoretically it can stay there as long as it likes until it's disturbed by something. Maybe the conditions were just right."

It's difficult for Fontanella to quantify how unlikely it is for a basketball to balance on the front rim for that long, but he said he's only seen anything like it a couple times before at most.

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