Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Global 2010: 11 mistakes women make in middle age

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Let’s not kid ourselves. Getting older is a drag, and middle age is particularly fraught with tension.

Do the sexy clothes you wore in the past now seem just plain wrong? Will smoky eye makeup that looks great on 19-year-olds make you appear just plain crazy?

Part of the problem is that aging often requires change, but most women don’t want to move to a frumpy town called Middle Age, where sensible shoes and boring clothes are de rigueur.

Here are the 11 most common mistakes aging women make—and how to avoid them.

  • Not realizing you need to change
  • Not spending enough on your clothes
  • Comparing yourself to you in your 20s
  • Skipping exercise
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Ignoring your teeth
  • Overdoing anti-aging efforts
  • Thinking there are hair “rules”
  • Using the wrong makeup
  • Settling for a boring sex life
  • Wearing the wrong bra

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