Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Global 2011: How the iPad 2 stacks up against the competition

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Now that we've finally got the official details for the next iPad, those in the market for a new tablet can begin comparison shopping in earnest.

On paper, it looks like the iPad 2 adds the features it needs to keep up with its upcoming tablet competitors. For example, we're talking a faster, dual-core processor (essential for speedy performance and smooth multitasking), dual cameras (including a front-facing lens for video chat, a key omission in the original iPad), and a thinner and lighter form factor. The second iPad also keeps a couple of key qualities from the first: 10 hours of battery life, and a $499 price tag for the cheapest, 16GB Wi-Fi-only model.

But several of the tablets listed below, including the Dell Streak 7, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, and (eventually) the dual-core processor-packing Motorola Xoom come with Flash support (the Xoom is still awaiting a software update from Flash developer Adobe), while the LG G-Slate and the PlayBook will connect with bleeding-edge 4G data networks. (The Xoom will ultimately do so as well, although you'll have to ship it back to Verizon Wireless for hardware and firmware tweaks.)

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