Thursday, March 17, 2011

Global 2011: 7 dates that’ll create instant chemistry

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You’ve had a pleasant date or two, but you “just aren’t feeling it…” yet. Rest assured, attraction isn’t always instant: Research shows that it typically takes a guy three meetings to fall for a woman — and as many as 20 dates for her to feel the same. Plus, there are things you can do during these early outings that’ll help get some chemistry percolating and jump-start your budding relationship. So, consider skipping your typical dinner date and trying one of these options to get a buzz going between you.

Date idea #1: Go hunting
Date idea #2: Get dizzy
Date idea #3: Attend a group dining experience
Date idea #4: Get in touch with your artistic sides
Date idea #5: Get nosy
Date idea #6: Dance, dance, dance
Date idea #7: Play a game together

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