Friday, March 4, 2011

Global 2011: 5 Signs That You’ve Met Your Perfect Match

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First, the good news: You’re headed toward happily ever after if…

1. You discover quirky things you have in common
2. Neither of you flinch when the future comes up
3. It’s super-important that your friends like your new partner
4. You think in “we” terms even when the going gets tough
5. You constantly stumble across things you want to share

Now, the bad news: You could be headed toward a dead end if…

1. You roll your eyes at each other during an argument
2. You can’t handle the uncomfortable silences
3. Your dates are always chock-full of distractions
4. You find yourself criticizing little things about each other
5. You only want to deal with each other when the chips are up

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