Monday, June 11, 2012

Manila 2012: Iza dating non-showbiz guy

My OWN work: Iza Calzado Digital Photomanipula...My OWN work: Iza Calzado Digital Photomanipulation using Photoshop CS3, .jpg format, created and submitted to on the same day: May 14, 2011. also being utilized for Iza Calzado's Facebook Page: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Iza Calzado has a new inspiration -- a non-showbiz guy whose name and background she did not divulge.

“I’m dating someone,” she admitted at the press launch of Myra-E’s Holistic Skin Care campaign in White Space, Makati on Thursday, June 8 (Iza endorses the beauty product).

Iza added that one should always find time for  love despite a busy schedule.

“Kami (ni Eula Valdes), laging may time. Kahit lima pa ang pelikula mo at may play pa, masisingitan ng love life. Love makes the world go round,” Iza joked.

Does she prefer non-showbiz guys to actors?

“Wala din namang gustong magpadala sa set ko ng bulaklak, so okay lang. Wala namang nanliligaw na taga-showbiz. Walang lumapit,” Iza replied, tongue-in-cheek.

Even if she’s pushing 30 this year, Iza is proud of her age.

“I’m turning 30 this year and I wouldn’t trade this from being 20. Sobrang nae-excite ako kasi I feel so better about myself and I feel na I’m in a better place in most aspects of my life. But beyond that I’ve also been blessed with experiences and people that help me become better person.”

She has learned to accept herself and embrace my 'flaws'.

“Marami naman nakakaalam na I used to be big. It’s been really a struggle for me to embrace my flaws and everything,” Iza said.

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