Thursday, June 14, 2012

Global 2012: Things women wish men knew...

English: Love QuestionEnglish: Love Question (Photo credit: Wikipedia)Collier's Magazine -- May 29, 1948 .....item 1...Collier's Magazine -- May 29, 1948 .....item 1..Men, Women and Forgiveness (November 8, 2011 / 11 Cheshvan 5772) ... (Photo credit: marsmet542)Men often ask the question, “What do women want?” A wise person once answered, “If you want to know what women want, ask them… one at a time.”

Since that’s an impossible task for any man, I asked several single ladies to share what men really don’t know about them and what they look for in a date. Guys, you might find their answers surprisingly myth-busting in some instances, while others might validate what you already believe. Either way, hopefully these insights will give you the inside track on understanding women better and improving your dating skills:

1. You risk it all if you wait forever to reach out to a woman who interests you.
2. Not all women who date are looking for a serious relationship.
3. You’d be surprised about what women find to be genuinely sexy in a man.
4. Being a cheapskate is a deal-breaker for women.
5. Women struggle to make a connection while remaining independent, too.
6. They call it “women’s intuition” because they are adept at reading nonverbal cues if something feels “off” with a date.
7. No woman wants to be your mother (or a carbon copy of her own).
8. It’s the little things that matter when it comes to impressing a woman.
9. Women are slower to end relationships than men, even short-term ones.
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