Thursday, June 21, 2012

Manila 2012: Dolphy could get National Artist Award in 2013

English: Dolphy, Filipino actorEnglish: Dolphy, Filipino actor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The national artists award could be given to comedy king Dolphy next year, the National Commission on the Culture and Arts (NCCA) said Friday.

Frances Alincastre, planning officer III of the National artist Award-NCCA, said in a radio interview that the commission's hands are tied with the procedure in approving and granting the prestigious award to an individual.

"Nalulungkot po kami pero wala kaming magagawa. Wala namang nabigyan ng national artist (award) without going through the process," Alincastre said, noting the need to process Dolphy's nomination before the screening board.

She said Dolphy, Rodolfo Vera Quizon Sr. in real life, has already been in the list of the nominees since he was nominated in 2009. She, however, did not pass the second deliberation of the screening committee that time, Alincastre added.

"We have six months to accept nomination then compile for each category, then nominees in their respective categories. Then we still do research on the nominees baka hindi sinasabi sa kanilang biodata na makakatulong din sa kanila," she said as she explains the process.

Alincaster added that after a month of research, the NCCA will start the deliberation process. A list of seven experts for each category will be included in the initial deliberation and the list is trimmed down to three experts for each category in the second deliberation.

She said the whole process may take until next year.

The family of Dolphy, who is in critical condition because of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), said Thursday that the comedy king will undergo dialysis to support his weakened kidneys.

“The reason why the option of dialysis was offered to us and the reason why we opted for dialysis is because overnight his vitals became stable. That was the longest time that his vitals were stable. But like I said, his condition still fluctuates,” Eric Quizon, one of Dolphy's sons, told reporters outside the Makati Medical Center.

Another son of Dolphy, Ronnie, had said in a radio interview that they are also contemplating of having the comedy undergo a lung transplant. The operation, however, would be too risky for the comedy king who is already 83 years old.

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