Friday, January 14, 2011

Global 2011: How Much Does Chemistry Count?

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Chemistry. What is it? It’s that…well, thing. That “I need to see this person again” impulse. Or that “We click” feeling. But what causes it? Does it need to happen naturally, or can you create it? Does it die over time, or are there tricks to keep the sparks flying? To explore these questions and more, we gathered together a group of real people and experts to delve into this titillating topic. Here’s what they had to say—see if you agree, and glean a few tricks on generating more chemistry in your own dating life.

“Chemistry is like cookie dough and vanilla ice cream: When it works, it works. You know you have it when the only goal you have is to get back to that person.”

“Chemistry is the start or end of it all: Good chemistry equals move forward, bad chemistry equals keep looking.”

“Yes, you can create chemistry: Eye contact and discussing personal subjects can accelerate this bond.”

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