Thursday, April 12, 2012

Global 2012: iPhone tips and tricks

iPhone vs. iPhone 3GiPhone vs. iPhone 3G (Photo credit: Ricky Romero)Whether you're a seasoned user or brand new to the iPhone world, chances are you're probably not using your smartphone to its fullest.

Don't worry, you're not alone, as these pocket-sized computers boast many hundreds of features buried in the operating system.

And so here we share a number of our favorite iPhone tips and tricks, some of which you may know already. Hopefully there's a good number of ones you aren't aware of yet. Most of these following 25 suggestions will work with all versions of the iPhone, but be sure to have the latest software installed (iOS 5.1).

  • Take a photo with your headphone cord
  • Dry out a wet iPhone
  • Dismiss suggested words
  • Take photos faster
  • Use location-based reminders
  • Get word definitions
  • Revive a frozen iPhone
  • Get more done in less time
  • See a 6-day weather forecast
  • Select URL domains faster
  • Make your own ringtone
  • Feel and see when people call
  • Find your lost iPhone
  • Save photos in Safari
  • Take an iPhone screen grab
  • Get new sounds
  • Zip to the top of the page
  • Prolong your battery
  • Spread out the keyboard for easier typing
  • Learn some gestures
  • Create an "app" out of a website you visit often
  • Create a music playlist on the fly
  • Don't waste your day deleting messages individually
  • Keep track of your texting limits
  • Mirror your iPhone with your TV
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