Monday, September 20, 2010

Manila 2010: 'Flashing' toothbrush for better oral hygiene?

Toothbrush, photo taken in SwedenImage via Wikipedia
MANILA, Philippines - A local company has brought in an American brand of toothbrush that lights up and flashes to encourage Filipino kids to clean their teeth.

Aptly called Firefly toothbrush, the product lights up and flashes for about 60 seconds, the dentist-recommended time for kids to thoroughly brush each row of teeth.

Christopher Chung, President of Health Innovation Division Inc., said they are marketing the colorful toothbrushes to allow children to maintain good oral hygiene at an early age.

"It's (sales) moving very fast, more than what we expected. Our suppliers are very happy. Dentists that we've showed our products to, they're all excited. We've been joining a lot of expos, and the kids, they go crazy," Chung said in an interview at ANC's ShopTalk.

He continued, "We want to stick to innovative which will be easily marketable to people and kids."

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