Monday, January 21, 2013

Global 2013: Lindsay Lohan film ‘The Canyons’ is a train wreck

lindsey lohan
lindsey lohan (Photo credit: alandberning)

What got off to a rocky start met with dubious, watchful eyes is now meeting the general consensus of low expectations.

Indie flick "The Canyons," starring Lindsay Lohan and porn star James Deen (yes, two Es), is quickly becoming the brunt of Internet jokes.

A first clip of the ill-fated flick -- a seemingly dark spoof on former MTV reality show "The Hills" -- proliferated on the web in recent days, garnering jeers.

In the nearly-three-minute monstrosity, a confused and disheveled Lohan (as Tara) awakens in a sun-filled, modern hillside Southern California mansion and begins looking for her cell phone. The entire sequence is a display of poor acting and less than zero suspense.

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