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Global 2012: How does Arena of Empire Defense 2 (Android game) work?

Image representing Android as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBaseBelow are some of the basic guidelines on how the popular Android game, Empire Defense 2's Arena's ranking and power are determined:


1. Your arena standing is determined by your reputation.

2. You can increase your reputation by defeating players with a higher arena standing than you. The greater the difference between your arena standings, the more reputation you are awarded.

3. If you challenge players with a lower standing than your own, your reputation will decrease. The amount of reputation deducted is determined by the difference between your respective arena standings.

4. Naturally you will also lose reputation if you are defeated by a player with a lower arena standing than you. The amount deducted depends on the difference between your respective arena standings.

Arena coins:

1. Defeat rival with higher rank than you will get 10 arena coins

2. defeat rival with lower rank than you will get 0 arena coin

3. loser will get no areana coin


1. Power determines who wins or loses in an arena battle. After a battle, the player with the greatest power wins.

2. Your power after an arena battle is determined by how many waves of enemies you survived, how much HP your hero had left, your number of units, and how much gold remained unused.

3. Your power will begin decreasing at a rate of 5% per hour if you do not enter the arena for six hour.


1. If you challenge and win against an opponent with a crystal symbol beside their name, you will be rewarded with their crystals upon winning.

2. The higher your rank position, the more crystals you will be awarded upon winning.

40000 /6h
15000 /6h
11000 /6h
8000 /6h
6000 /6h
4500 /6h
3500 /6h
3000 /6h
2500 /6h

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