Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Global 2012: 8 cool things you can do with your game console

The Xbox 360 Arcade with wireless controller. ...The Xbox 360 Arcade with wireless controller. This is a Jasper chipset, with onboard memory. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
You obviously bought your game console to play games, but these days, you can do more with an Xbox 360 or PS3 than rampage through Modern Warfare 3 maps. A lot more.

Thanks to a number of awesome updates, both the 360 and PS3 are now viable all-in-one entertainment hubs, offering a wealth of features and services that make conventional cable boxes and media players seem ridiculously one-dimensional. Here are a handful of non-gaming uses for your game console:

Watch TV shows and films
Be a sports nut
Run your home's media
Network socially
Fight disease
Use it as a stereo
Video chat

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