Monday, May 9, 2011

Global 2011: Top 7 Mistakes Girls Make With Guys

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These are 7 mistakes women tend to make with their beaus in the beginning, or start of a relationship, that usually get the break-up ball rolling. These are in no particular order, as they can vary in damage from each man. Just try to make a little note of them, and if you catch yourself in the process of making one, step back and ask yourself if you might regret your actions later on.

1. Ladies, men generally know it is their “responsibility” to make the phone calls.
2. I know it’s tempting when you are snuggled close together to want to talk about your relationship, and find out where you stand in all this madness.
3. Stop asking questions about his past girlfriends.
4. Make it a habit of stepping outside yourself if you find that you have been babbling on and on.
5. Here’s an important one, at least in the beginning, don’t shed any tears.
6. This is an oldie, but a goodie
7. Okay Ladies, let’s talk about Hallmark cards, greeting cards, and just about any card you can think of.

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