Thursday, April 7, 2011

Global 2011: 10 Cars That'll Look Good in 10 Years

A Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG in Gran Turismo exhibitionImage via Wikipedia
Remember when you squeezed into bell bottoms, wore shoulder pads to make your neck line look smaller or thought puke green carpet was a great way to decorate your living room? We've all been there—attracted to trends that lasted for a season but left us wondering, "What was I thinking?" But, there are some things that never go out of style, like Audrey Hepburn's shift dresses and wood floors.

  1. Honda Civic
  2. Ford Fusion
  3. Chrysler 300
  4. Jeep Wrangler
  5. Mercedes-Benz G-Class
  6. Ford Flex
  7. Mini Cooper
  8. Volkswagen Beetle
  9. Dodge Challenger
  10. Mercedes-Benz SLS

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